4 Foam Hands Maths Activities

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Go grab a pack of foam hands, glue dots and numbers to make

Four Foam Hands Maths Activities


These can either be used as displays or as stand alone activities. When I use them as activities I place the hands shuffled in a basket for the children to re-order, not as they are pictured below. ūüôā

#1 Counting in Ones to Ten

Foam Hands Counting

Let the children rearrange the hands so they are in the correct order. These could also be used with objects and the children could place the correct number in the palms of each hand!

#2 Counting in Doubles

Foam Hands Maths

Knowing these five double facts is a good foundation for Maths skills. It teaches them to calculate mentally and prepares them for doubling larger numbers later on.

#3 Counting in Tens to 100

Foam Hands Maths

This is a big one to master in Kinder!

Provide your child with a jumbled up set of  hands with numbers attached and invite them to place them in order from 10 to 100.

#4 Counting in fives


Last but not least, an obvious one yet still an important one!

Resources you will need to make your own:

¬†I’d love to know¬†how you use foam hands in your teaching!

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