9 Must-Have Books to Read To Kids In February

You as parents, teachers and childcare providers know the

importance of a well stocked book basket or reading nook either to

select the perfect story for the end of a long day, or for a child to immerse themselves

among the words and illustrations.


However, we also know as busy adults we don’t always have the time to review and select

the best books to support their development. So I’ve done it for you – 9 of the best books to

incorporate for February!Β In February, at Primary Creations HQ, we make this month a breeze by

focusing on three main themes – Groundhog Day, Valentines Day and Dental Health. So we have

selected books to help you with these topics!



Best books for a Groundhog Day preschool theme:


These books are perfect for your theme and they cover lots of different subject matter to best suit

your needs!


1. πŸ“– Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow – This book will have children bent over with giggles and

smiles! Phil’s shadow finally has enough of his silly antics and runs away … leaving Phil all alone and

missing him. This book is perfect for exploring shadows and light sources, appropriate behaviour and

being a kinder person.Β 


2. πŸ“– Grumpy Groundhog – This book will encourage children to look at the pictures, make up their

own stories and begin to enjoy the fun of rhyming! It’s a great way to discuss emotions and come up

with ideas to coax a sleepy groundhog out of it’s burrow!Β 


3. πŸ“– Groundhog Day – A fact filled read aloud that introduces your young learners to the traditions

and festivities of this holiday. The beautiful pictures will catch the attention and urge your young

reader to turn the pages for more facts!

Best books for a Dental Health preschool theme:


Dental health is often focused on in February in the USA. I’m not sure why – if you know please hop

on over to my facebook page and enlighten me! SOooo if you would like to celebrate it in February

you most likely will need a book or two related to that theme …


1. πŸ“– Dentists – Children need to learn about dental health, it’s an important part of self-care. This book

breaks down what a visit to a dentist may be like with real photos and information delivered in a

variety of formats.


2. πŸ“– Sugarbug Doug: All About Cavities, Plaque, and Teeth – I did not think bugs could be

adorable until I saw Sugarbug Doug. He is the perfect character to teach toddlers about dental

hygiene! It’s also a great lead into discussing healthy and unhealthy foods!


3. πŸ“– Jacob learns to brush his teeth – What kiddo doesn’t love sweets!? Jacob is no exception. To

make matters worse, he will not brush his teeth. This story will help children to understand the whys

and hows of toothbrushing!

Valentines and kindness preschool book ideas:


Ah February, the month of love and even more importantly it allows an opportunity to teach

the value of kindness … 


1. πŸ“– Finding Kindness – A story that will promote the concept of community, compassion and

generosity! This is a New York Times Best Seller and we at PC HQ think that in itself is a good thing. Β 


2. πŸ“– All kinds of kindnessA board book created for the hands of your youngest emergent readers.

Toddlers will learn through the simple rhymes how important kindness can be.


3. πŸ“– Hug machine – OOooo who doesn’t love a hug? This board book teaches us that a simple hug can

have a profound effect. Ask your children who they have hugged today …Β 


What are your must have books for preschool in February? Leave a comment and let us




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