Bowling Preschool Theme

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Welcome to our Bowling inspired preschool theme post. This is a great mini-theme to enhance your bowling preschool theme or as a one-off to celebrate National Bowling Day in August!

Bowling Preschool Printables:

I have just added the Bowling Preschool Pack to my TpT Store!


In this Bowling Preschool Theme pack you will find:

Bowling 3

B is for bowling handwriting and alphabet recognition sheet.

Bowling 14

Color Me – Easy Reader, ‘Billy and Bella Go Bowling’.

Bowling 7

Bowling pin flashcards 0 to 11.

Great for number ordering or placing on a number line.

Bowling 10

Bowling take-away

A tried-and-tested way of  introducing simple subtraction. This worksheet was intended to be used along side a DIY bowling set. The pupils can use 5 or 10 pins. Have them bowl a ball and count how many pins they have knocked down. Encourage them to write the missing numbers. Here’s an example script with 5 pins, just to give you an idea:

Adult: How many pins are we starting with?

Student: One, two, three, four, five. Five pins.

Student bowls the ball knocking 3 pins over. 

Adult: How many pins did you knock over?

Student: One, two, three. Three pins.

Adult: Great! Let’s write three after the subtraction sign.  Now how many pins are left?

Student counts remaining pins. 

Student: One, two. Two pins.

Adult: Fantastic! Let’s write two after the equals sign.  Five pins subtract three pins equals two pins. Can you say the sum with me?

Adult and Student: Five subtract three equals two.

Bowling 4

Count the pins 1 -10.

Just print and laminate and you are good to go. The student will count the pins and then find the corresponding number.

Bowling Preschool Resources

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Bowling Preschool Activity Ideas

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Bowling Preschool Theme

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