February Themes For Kids

There are lots of ideas for February themes for kids ! There are also fun “National Days” that you could incorporate into the month of February. To help inspire you, here are some ideas that are popular at Primary Creations!

Groundhog Day – 

Groundhog day takes place every year on February 2nd. Check out our Groundhog Day resources page for some fun activities!


Dental Health and Dentists – 

Dental Health Awareness Month is in February. It is a good way to facilitate personal and social development. If you need inspiration, check out our dental health and dentists activities page!

Valentine’s Day –

Celebrated every February 14th, it’s the perfect day to highlight kindness and friendship! You could do a whole week dedicated to being a good friend and acts of kindness! If you need ideas, visit our page dedicated to Valentine’s day activities

Chinese New Year – 

Each year the animal that is celebrated changes. You can use this Chinese New Year calendar to help you find out. We also have Chinese New Years activities and ideas that can be used regardless of the animal that is being celebrated.  


February Book Ideas – 

Check out the post 9 Must-Have Books to Read To Kids In February for ideas on what books to put in your book corner for February! 

Hopefully, you have been inspired by our February themes for kids! Please sign-up to the newsletter below for free resources! 


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