Alphabet Pack

Free Kinder Resources

I thought I would share with you a set of worksheets I created for my younger learners and have since gone on to use with students that have autism. The children really enjoyed completing them. I used them to enhance my ‘Letter of the Week’ sessions and also incorporated them into a Literacy Center! You could also print two to a page and make a mini-book or even laminate them and give children a whiteboard pen. 

Free Kinder Worksheets

There are 26 sheets that focus on one letter of the alphabet at a time. Each worksheet follows a similar structure, children have shown that they like the familiarity of the design. I believe this is because it helps to increase independence skills the further through the letters you go as children are aware of what is expected of them so their concentration is focused on the letter. 

The first part of the worksheet allows children to trace or color the letter before having them search for uppercase and lowercase letters in the grid. The grid encourages the development of visual perception skills as children will have to remember the shape of the letter they are looking for. 

Letter of the week

Next, letter formation skills are developed. Students are instructed to trace the letters then have a go at writing their own. I never give an eraser to my students as I prefer to praise their efforts when they are first starting out. Mistakes are celebrated and their ‘best letter’ is pointed out to them so they are aware what it is I am looking for. If it’s seen as a chore that they are always corrected for they will be less enthusiastic in their attempts. 

Finally, to complete the worksheet children will add the missing letter and color in the pictures of words that relate to the letter. 

If you would like a complimentary copy I would be more than happy to email it to you. Simply click here or on the image below then input your email address. The resource will be in your inbox instantly for you to download!