Kinder – Write A to Z

Happy Days!

I’ve just added our latest Kinder: Write A to Z to the site!  26 “Print ‘n’ Go” alphabet sheets to teach letter recognition and handwriting.

Letter Kindergarten Pack_Cover

Fun Facts:
The handwriting sheets use phased-out instruction to help learners become independent at writing upper and lowercase letters. Letter recognition is reinforced through finding upper and lowercase and filling in the missing letter to make a word.

Kindergarten Handwriting Sheets

How do you get your copy?  Click here to find out more …

Do you need them aligned?

No worries! I’ve aligned this set to the Common Core AND Texas TEKS:

Common Core Skill:
-CC RF.K.1.d – Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
-CC L.K.1.a – Print many upper- and lowercase letters.

Texas TEKS:
-TX 1.B – Students are expected to: identify upper- and lower-case letters;

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