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This resource covers the following pre-kindergarten guidelines:

Texas PreK Guidelines (2015) –

  • III.C.1. Child names at least 20 upper and at least 20 lower case letters.
  • III.C.2. Child recognizes at least 20 letter sounds.
  • III.C.3. Child produces the correct sounds for at least 10 letters.
  • IV.C.1.  Child independently writes some letters on request (not necessarily well‐formed)

Common Core aligned PreK skills –

  • PC.1.D Recognize and name some upper /lowercase letters of the alphabet, especially those in own name.
  • PA.2.C Demonstrate awareness of relationship between sounds and letters.
  • PWR.3.A With prompting and support, demonstrate one-to-one letter-sound correspondence by producing the
    primary sound of some consonants.
  • LS.CSE.1.A Print some upper- and lower-case letters.(e.g. letters in their name).