St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Looking for inspiration to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Here you will find all the ideas that you need to teach about rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns!

St. Patrick’s Day Maths Activities:

When I did our St. Patrick’s Day theme I set up various activities in the maths center. My learners had access to counting cards (I print 2 pages to a page), number tracers, simple shape puzzles and sizing cards. We also matched colored shamrocks, completed number strip puzzles and looked at simple patterns. Find these resources here. 

St. Patrick’s Day Literacy Activities:

This clothespin activity helps learners to match uppercase and lowercase letters together. It also aids fine motor development if used with clothespins, of course, you could use little wooden shamrocks or counters. Find these resources here. 

These letter tracers are great for emergent writers to practice letter formations. I like to provide a pot of markers so they can choose what colors they would like to use – it gives them a bit of ownership of the task. Find these resources here. 

St. Patrick’s Day Problem Solving Activities:

These three piece puzzles encourage the learners to think and increase their resilience to independently solve problems. If three piece is too simple cut the rectangles in half so the puzzles become 6 pieces! This activity will also assist the development of hand-eye coordination and enhancing memory skills. There also themed and would be a great addition to a dramatic play area. Find these resources here. 

St. Patrick’s Day Dramatic Play Activities:

I wish I knew where I got the pattern for these super cute costumes, but I cannot find the original file anymore. Anyway, the children dressed up as little leprechauns (they looked so cute) then they had to hunt around the garden and ask various animals if they had seen a pot of gold. Eventually, they found the pot of gold which much to their delight was filled of chocolate gold coins!! NB – This is not my original idea, but based off an easy reader I once owned. 

St. Patrick’s Day Resources: