I Can Maths! Count to 100 in 10s accordion book

Hey everyone! Sopapilla has enjoyed making her accordion book Count to 100 in tens.  First she counted out loud from 10 to 100 in tens. She then traced the numbers, focusing carefully on the formation of the numbers.  She then cut along the dotted lines to separate the cards.  Next she placed the numbers in […]

I Can Maths Series – I can count to 10

Happy Days! I have finally added I CAN count to 100 in tens Woohoo!  Inside this beautiful packet of mathematical fun and awesomeness you will find: Make your own counting cards in black and white.  Make your own counting cards in color. The tracers could be laminated and used as write and wipe cards.  Make your own counting […]

Kinder – Write A to Z

Happy Days! I’ve just added our latest Kinder: Write A to Z to the site!  26 “Print ‘n’ Go” alphabet sheets to teach letter recognition and handwriting. Fun Facts: The handwriting sheets use phased-out instruction to help learners become independent at writing upper and lowercase letters. Letter recognition is reinforced through finding upper and lowercase and filling […]