Preschool Craft – Paper Bag Turkey


This is a bit of a throwback craft. The picture was originally taken in 2009 before I decided to own a blog. Therefore, the picture quality was not at the forefront of my mind! But despite the pixels you can get the gist of the craft (I hope!). This craft is actually included in my Thanksgiving Preschool Pack too. 

 Paper Bag Turkey Tutorial

You will need to gather:

Brown Paper Bag

Old Newspaper

Paper Plate

Orange and Red Felt

Wiggly Eyes

Red, Orange and Yellow Paint

Glue, Scissors, Pencil and a Pipe Cleaner

You will need to do:

Roll the newspaper into balls;

Place three balls in the bag, twist and hold with pipe cleaner;

Place 4 newspaper balls in and seal the end with stapler or tape.

Cut a third off the bottom of a large paper plate (or heavy card stock circle).

Cut the edge of the plate/cardstock into a scalloped edge (to resemble feathers).


Paint in red, yellow and orange. Let dry

Cut out a base feet pattern in cardstock leave a large enough area to glue the bag too.

Cut out feet, wings, peak and gobble from the felt.

Glue the felt feet on the base, glue bag on base.

Stick paper plate on back of Turkey.

Attach wings, eyes, beak and gooble.

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