TPT Credits – Earn your free cash!

Did you know that you could be earning free TPT cash to use towards future purchases? It’s really simple to do but so few of you are actually doing it! I know this to be true as I’m a seller and so many people that purchase my products do not leave me feedback!  If you haven’t yet claimed yours they are still vaild on your past purchases. So … 

It really is very easy to get the Teacher Pay Teachers credits that are waiting for you. The first thing you need to do is click on the ‘My Purchases’ button which you will find once you have logged in to TPT:

Once you have clicked, you will see a list of all your previous purchases. Choose a product and then click on ‘Provide Feedback’:

It’s important to note at this stage, that if you had ANY issues with the TPT product use the Product Q&A option. Here you contact the seller directly, explain your issue and then give the seller the chance to rectify any problems. If the problem is technical you will need to contact TPT directly. Please do not leave negative feedback without giving the seller a chance to respond! 

If you are happy with your purchase continue but completing section 1 of the feedback process: 

Then section 2:

Finally, complete the PUBLIC FEEDBACK portion of the form. If you think the product is excellent then leave excellent feedback! If you have had issues remember to use the Product Q&A section to give the seller a chance to rectify your issues! 

Okay, so you have done all of this, but where do you find those TPT Credits? Click on the TPT Credit Balance that will then take you to another page where you will need to click on ‘My TPT Credits Earned’. By clicking here it will show you how many you have and on what products they were earned from. 

If you would like to use them on your purchases, in the checkout section you will need to choose the ‘Use TPT Credits’, this will tell you how many you can use. You do need a minimum of 20 TPT Credits to use towards a purchase.

The nice thing is that TPT rounds up the credit to the nearest $, so if you spend $4.50 you will earn 5 credits! You can also use credits to part pay for your purchases. Remember every 100 pointes equals $5, so 50 points equals $2.50! It’s amazing how quickly they will add up!