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Teaching children with autism to read

Before I begin I will start with a disclaimer … I am under no assumption that the methods  used successfully in my classroom are the only methods. However, after years of teaching autistic children I have found these approaches to provide positive results when teaching children with autism to read. Furthermore, nor do I think […]

A guide to autism classroom setup

I was given a blank canvas of a room when I took on the position of an autism teacher. A joy to most educators … anxiety inducing for me. Where should I start? Especially having not met my students and having been given no information on them.  They were to come from around the area […]

Bugs and Insects Theme for Preschool

      Bugs, insects, minibeasts, creepy crawlies – however you refer to them in your part of the world all children love learning about them! There are so many ideas that pop into my head as a teacher/parent when I think about this theme and the many creatures it covers!    It’s not just […]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Preschool

  I love St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – not just because it means my little learners dress up as adorable leprechauns, then ask animals if they have seen a pot of gold but because it has a magical, fun element to it too!   Rainbows, leprechauns, shimmering gold coins, the greenness of shamrocks.   Whilst […]

How to plan the best farm animals activities for preschool

At some point, most early year teachers teach a farm animal topic for preschool learners. It lends itself nicely to so many areas of learning! Plant life cycles, animal life cycles, farm to plate food activities, animals and farm vehicles. I also like to link it to Old MacDonald had a farm. I like to […]