Teaching children with autism to read

Before I begin I will start with a disclaimer … I am under no assumption that the methods¬† used successfully in my classroom are the only methods. However, after years of teaching autistic children I have found these approaches to provide positive results when teaching children with autism to read. Furthermore, nor do I think […]

A guide to autism classroom setup

I was given a blank canvas of a room when I took on the position of an autism teacher. A joy to most educators … anxiety inducing for me. Where should I start? Especially having not met my students and having been given no information on them.¬† They were to come from around the area […]


Over the last school year, (I’m writing this in 2019), the term PDA has been cropping up more and more in my involvement with pupils who have an ASD diagnosis. At the start of the year, I didn’t have a clue what it meant (apart from the aversion to a demand) or teaching strategies to […]