Christmas Nativity Three Part Cards


My children love three part cards (Montessori nomenclature cards). Sopapilla was only just two when I introduced them to her. Missy-Moo uses the word and descriptions to extend the activity. Since returning to teaching I’ve also added them to independent learning centers and they have always been received with excitement. The children can’t wait to see what cute pictures I have found for them!

I’ve created this set based on the story of the Nativity. It would make a great addition to a homeschool lesson, church daycare or as a Sunday School activity! Keep reading to find out how to download your own copy of the …



Sopapilla had just turned two when I first introduced this Montessori inspired activity. She started by helping to lay out the control cards in a row then matching just the pictures underneath. She loved this activity and would beg, plead and squeal at me to do it again, again, again …. and then I’m ashamed to say when she was napping I hid the set. I know not fair … but teachers and mommies can only do so many agains!

My point is though that this activity promotes independence. It gives little learners a sense of accomplishment. they don’t even know they are strengthening their one-to-one correspondence and problem solving skills. And those are the best types of tot-school activities!


Now Missy-Moo is that little bit older, in this photo she was 4 and already reading by sight. For her she was invited to match both pictures and words. 


In the set I have now included description cards. You can read these or have them read (depending on their literacy skills). Once they have matched the picture and word to the control card, they then place the description under the correct set. 

You know this set could probably allow you three years of fun. Think about it. Tot – School match pictures, PreKinders match pictures and word and Kinders to First Grade can match pictures, words and descriptions! It’s the set that just keep on giving!


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