Dental Health Activities

In February we like to focus on Dental Health – plus with it being Dental Health month it’s as good a time as any. If you are looking for resources then look no further!

Dental Health Maths Ideas:

We looked at counting up to 20 using the 10 frames, practicing our numbers and strip puzzles. You can find these resources here. 

Dental Health Literacy Ideas:

The first activity we did involved shaving foam – it get’s messy! My learners had to use a toothbrush to brush the ‘toothpaste’ off the teeth to reveal the letters. They then were encouraged to tracing the letter they found on the ‘Find and trace’ mat. 

We then used the words from the describing teeth pack to talk about teeth, how they feel, look, etc. Afterwards, my learners completed the worksheet. Click here for the resources. 

Dental Health Activities:

We also talked about how we can look after our teeth and completed a sorting activity. You can find this resource here.

We had the opportunity to take the children to a museum that allowed you to get up close and personal to a HUGE set of dentures. Here you can see my little learner trying her best to count how many teeth she could see!