Firefighter Preschool Activities

This pack is jammed pack full of firefighting fun! Traditionally, a Firefighter Memorial Day is held in early May, however, many preschools and early elementary classes also like to cover this topic in the first semester/term. It’s worth pointing out that I have provided as many grayscale alternatives where possible to help cut down printing costs. 

Your children can earn a certificate after teaching them about the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ technique. They could be given the opportunity to colour in their own award, alternatvely you could print it on coloured cardstock or paper. 

Included is a ‘Who? What? Game’ with picture and description cards. There are three clues on each card. I like to read the description to the children and then they try and find the image using the least amount of clues. It’s a fun way of introducing or extending vocabulary relating to the firefighter theme!

I have added an easy reader book to share with your children. You could print a large copy or smaller copies that the children could colour in themselves. There are two extension tasks included with this activity. Children can use the word and picture flashcards to create their own simple sentences and for more able pupils an ‘I can read, trace and build’ worksheet has also been provided. 

Pencil skill worksheets for two different levels have also been provided. Children can trace the lines to help the firefighters put out a fire. Perhaps they could use a blue marker or pencil to add to the fun. A letter F tracer has also been added. To support more able or older learners a sentence sheet is in the pack. If a child cannot themselves write, you could use a highlighter pen and have them dictate a sentence to you. I have incorporated rhyming cards into the pack too, although not all are shown. Learners have to put out the fire by placing the water picture ontop of the fire picture. This task could easily be made into a file folder task. 

Initial letter sounds are also covered in this resource pack, again two variations are provided to help support older or more able participants.  

Counting games and number recognition resources include, count the correct water droplets and number flashcards. What I like about these resources is that they are very open-ended and versatile. So you could use them in a number of ways to support your learners based on their mathematical needs. Use them for number ordering, missing numbers, counting, etc. 

I’ve also included some simple crafts. The fire truck is also provided in grayscale if you need to save on printing costs or wish to extend the activity. 

There’s also a few other resources and activities in the Firefighter pack that I’ve not had time to show here. If you would like a copy of the pack please download your copy below!